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Hunting and Survival Guide

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Hunting and Survival Tips

The key to survival is preparation. Oftentimes, however, being in a survival situation means that you may not have the necessary tools or equipment at your immediate disposal. Proper survival training and know how allows you to use the items in your environment to your advantage. Such knowledge is invaluable and can be the difference between life and death!

One may think that these skills are only important to outoorsmen, campers, fishers, and the like. This is a common fallacy. Everyone can benefit from basic survival skills! Imagine – you are on a relaxing hike in the woods, when suddenly you realize that you are lost. Everything starts to look the same, and you are not quite sure where to go or what to do. Panic starts to set in. What will you do? With survival skills such as small shelter building, fire starting, how to find potable water, and navigation, chances are you will make it out of any situation – alive and well

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  • Learn about plants and trees for survival

    Learn about plants and trees for survival

    If you live in the countryside, you may already be familiar with many of the plants and herbs as well as trees and mosses that grow in the area. When planning for survival situations it is a good idea to stock up on knowledge of local flora and make a list in advance of your need. A note-book prepared in

  • Finding Water for Survival

    Finding Water for Survival

    Water is essential, without it you will simply die. In a nutshell without water your chances are less than zero. This is true in all climates whether hot or cold . The human body looses a tremendous amount of water in hot climates. and even larger quantities when exertion enters the picture. Cold weather is no exception, your body still

  • Mosquitoes


    Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but can also spread disease. They seem to come out of nowhere by the thousands at times. The buzzing alone is irritating, but the bite can bring potential long lasting illness. And once bitten the itching can be unbearable and seems to last a long time. Mosquito’s are a prime food source for bats

  • How to Build a Compass

    How to Build a Compass

    In our lifetimes few things are more consistant than the sun. It follows the same pattern day after day and year after year. It is so consistant that clocks are designed to use its precise timing. Our planet Earth rotates on its axis extremely close to 15 degrees per hour. This precise timing allows us to make a compass using

  • Ash Cake Cooking

    Ash Cake Cooking

    Food takes on a whole new meaning in the wilderness, and generally a whole new taste as well. Most people will eat things in the wilderness that they wouldnot even consider eating at home. Food that is burnt and hard or even cold seems appealing to them. And why not? It’s different, most generally, unusual In taste and texture. Many

  • Snowshoes


    I am not to confident in the fact that anyone knows where the first snowshoes were developed. I have heard many opinions as to their origin. But none of that speculation really matters. The design of the snowshoe is pretty much the same today as it was countless years ago. The major difference is in their size and the materials

  • Cooking In A Baggie

    Cooking In A Baggie

    Cooking foods such as soups in a plastic baggie would seem impossible. It would seem ridiculous to apply heat to a thin plastic bag without destroying it. Yet as strange as this may seem, the baggie not only acts as a suitable container for food storage, but it also makes a suitable cook pot. I recommend carrying two one gallon

  • Wilderness Cooking

    Wilderness Cooking

    Cooking in the outdoors whether for survival purposes or just for the fun of it, can be very enjoyable or a real hassle. There are many factors and variables that can turn the best of intentions into a gourmet nightmare. Obviously, if you have all of the cooking equipment you need with you, then your chances for a culinary delight

  • Making A Spoon

    Making A Spoon

    Eating utensils can be easily made even in the wilderness. The common spoon is by far one the most practical and useful choices of utensils to make. And soups are much easier to eat with a spoon, Soup dishes are not only easily prepared, they are nutritious as well. In the wilderness, a spoon may be made by using a

  • Bivy Sacks

    Bivy Sacks

    The very word Bivouac, means (a temporary encampment). But in the eyes of the outdoor enthusiasts, it means a temporary encampment in a micro shelter. These new breed of miniaturized tents are extremely small and weigh very little. Some weigh barely over 2 pounds. They will fit easily in a small day-pack and are designed to handle the worst of

  • Sleeping Pads

    Sleeping Pads

    I have stated many times in the past that only a fool sleeps uncomfortable when they do not need too. In this Letter I will focus on commercially manufacture sleeping pads. I realize these pads are a long shot from pine boughs or a moss and leaf bed. But none the less, they are out there on the market for


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