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  • Snowshoes


    I am not to confident in the fact that anyone knows where the first snowshoes were developed. I have heard many opinions as to their origin. But none of that speculation really matters. The design of the snowshoe is pretty much the same today as it was countless years ago. The major difference is in their size and the materials

  • Making A Spoon

    Making A Spoon

    Eating utensils can be easily made even in the wilderness. The common spoon is by far one the most practical and useful choices of utensils to make. And soups are much easier to eat with a spoon, Soup dishes are not only easily prepared, they are nutritious as well. In the wilderness, a spoon may be made by using a

  • Sleeping bags

    Sleeping bags

    A sleeping bag is our personal micro shelter. It has the ability to provide wind protection and offer a snug warm bed and a good night’s rest–that is of course, depending on whether you are using the correct bag for the temperatures your are in. Keep in mind, a sleeping bag does not act as a heater, it simply has

  • Survival knives

    Survival knives

    It seems that when we hear the words survival knife. We conjure up mental images of huge razor sharp Bowie knives. These mental images may even include large fierce looking saw teeth on top edge of knife blade. While larger knives will always require less time and energy to perform most survival related tasks, they are by no means the

  • Pemmican


    Pemmican is a combination of ingredients that offer a very good and long lasting food source. There are many recipes for pemmican, but the original, and still the best, was used by Native Americans for generations. To make real pemmican you need to start with very dry jerky, rendered fat, and dried blueberries, blackberries or raspberries. First step is to

  • Bushcraft Knives – Buying the Best

    Bushcraft Knives – Buying the Best

    If you intend to truly experience the nature of a genuine hunt, to track animals through the wilderness for days and experience the thrill of adrenaline as your hunt comes to a climax, you need to go prepared. Being prepared means having the right kit. If you are going to be hacking through the undergrowth, building your own fires, killing,