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Moose Hunting Tips

There are a total of three different species of moose out there wandering around. The Yukon is going to be the largest one of the three. They can be found in the place in which they got their name from. The next biggest moose is going to be the Canadian Moose, which is found south of the Yukon, and then from west to east of Canada. The Shiras moose is the one that we here in the northern states are going to see, and they can also be found in the southern areas of Canada. A large Yukon moose can come in at a total of 1800 pounds. There are also plenty of ways to cook them once you bag them, so make sure to stay up to date on the latest recipes.

The seasons for moose hunting is usually going to start in August in Canada, but may take a little longer into September depending on where you are hunting. Plus you want to be able to catch them during the rut, which may stat earlier the farther north you go. If you are hunting before the rut, you should try covering a lot of ground, especially swamps, meadows, and use calling to help you find a moose. If you are hunting during the rut, cow calling is going to be your best friend. Wallows and swamps are going to be your area of hunting as well. Most of the time the hunting ends when the rut does.

Creating A Strategy

The main thing that most hunters will start with is making sure that they have the proper tool for making cow calls. You don’t want to just go out and get a moose calling tool because usually those aren’t going to work nearly as good. Some people have even found ways to make their own cow calling items out of materials that are common and found in just about every home. You can use either a paddle or a big stick to make the thrashing noises that you need as well. Some times I have seen people use the paddle as fake antlers as well.

Management of Scent & Field Judging

They are going to be able to hear and smell you very well, which is why it is important to have your scenting done correctly. You can use a mare in heat scent that will really work well, I have used it in the past. You can soak things like your hat or your boots, or you can just carry it around on a rag that you have in your pocket. Most of the time the farther north you go the larger moose you are going to be able to find. But, since all moose are generally large, it is hard to judge by just using that idea. You can also tell how mature they are by the paddles, if they have 3 points on each paddle on the bottom, they are probably mature. If they don’t have paddles at all or have smaller paddles, they probably aren’t.