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Making A Spoon

Eating utensils can be easily made even in the wilderness. The common spoon is by far one the most practical and useful choices of utensils to make. And soups are much easier to eat with a spoon, Soup dishes are not only easily prepared, they are nutritious as well. In the wilderness, a spoon may be made by using a knife and dry wood. The center is easily burned out to a rough shape using the hot rock method. Heat rocks in a bed of coals,Then using a forked stick or two small green sticks set hot rock on wood to burn to shape. Bowls can also be made in similar fashion. Once a general shape is formed only time and effort are required to finish the bowl or spoon. Scraping and shaping is easily accomplished with a knifes edge or sharp rock. A smooth finish is easily obtainable using sand or finely crushed rock dust. use the dust as you wood sandpaper. The finish product will not only be a beneficial item, but it will aid in helping to relax the mind and will keep a persons thoughts focused.

These spoons are not only easily made but will last many years. Not to mention a possible souvenir. And perhaps a reminder of an experience that not many people have. Try to build this spoon, I believe you will find it enjoyable and very gratifying.